bill ecklund | interiors

I'm a commercial and editorial interior photographer living in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.

From the time I was a child, I loved drawing and painting. When my dad gave me my first camera when I was 12, I saw photography as another art form, and I still do. From those early photos I realized that I prefer the warmth and grace of natural light and the simple beauty of a perfect composition.

...and collaboration. I love taking portraits, and I’ve found that many of my favorites are like good conversations. They’re not something I create alone, and the same goes for interiors. When I first started shooting interiors, I noticed that the designers talked with their clients as though they were siblings or good friends. It made sense to me because they were trusting each other with creating the intimate spaces where they would live their lives and create memories. And that relationship and "conversation" is the same between photographer and designer or architect. It pushes me to create images that honor their vision and invite people to want to be there, live there. The images also begin a conversation with the viewer, because the best photos are complete, but still ask for more. They draw us in.



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